simon reichel
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Poster idea for Euro Shorts Film Festival where The Sound Guy was shown in 2013. 
Inspired by my new favourite book Infinite Jest.
Working with Munich’s wunderkind.pputzar:

preview of the dynamic key-visual for organic dance festival 2014 - more soon (thanks for the help with cinema 4d @simon reichel)
Frameshots from an animation project I am currently working on. Heavily inspired by a friend’s new album:
Might turn a few of these into gifs, I heard tumblr likes gifs.
Illustration for a satirical essay on the world’s biggest sports outfitter (I hope you can see the connection to their logo) that was never published. Acrylics, coloured pencils and packing paper.
Redesign of indie-band Dobré’s website. The challenge was to keep coding and effort at a minimum yet achieve an individual and confident aesthetic. The HTML-code was only altered for the header, everything else was done strictly in CSS and re-coded in roughly two hours.
Personal Work.
Stickers for German literary and political blog The Necessary Hate.
Personal Work.
Personal Work.
Personal Work. Partly taken from Flyer Artworks done ca. 2009 for Elektroraum DJ-Collective.
Personal Work.
Personal Work.
Personal Work.